Western Robidoux Inc. Branding for Online Print Solutions (OPS) B2B Web2Print Website
Western Robidoux Animal Health Sample Pharmaceutical Branding for Online Print Solutions (OPS) B2B Web2Print Website
The above projects incorporate branded graphics and custom code into an existing website's user interface. The purpose of this is to create a highly branded, intuitive user experience. The project included maintaining the website and the products offered on the website, providing technical support and customer service to users, and creating unique, highly-branded user experiences based on client needs. The first brand above is Western Robidoux Inc.'s default site branding. The second brand is for Western Robidoux Animal Health, a fictitious veterinary pharmaceutical company designed for demo purposes. When a customer visits the website, this is the branding they first see. When they log in, they land on a page customized to varying degrees with their branding. For some clients, that means simply adding the company name and logo in the header and keeping the Western Robidoux Inc. branding. For others, this means a fully re-branded front end website that is seamlessly incorporated into the Western Robidoux Inc. website through the back end.
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